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Regular Diamond Grinding Wheel
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SUNVA Regular Diamond Grinding Wheels are designed primarily for grinding such materials as: carbide, ceramic, steel, graphite, glass, silicon, stone materials, etc.

• Electroplated diamond

• Can be manufactured according to your exact needs

• Diamond or CBN

• Good-quality
Diamond Regular Grinding Wheel Diamond Regular Grinding Wheel
Size Grit Order No.


80 DWR6108
120 DWR6112
220 DWR6122
400 DWR6140
600 DWR6160


80 DWR6208
120 DWR6212
220 DWR6222
400 DWR6240
600 DWR6260


80 DWR8108
120 DWR8112
220 DWR8122
400 DWR8140
600 DWR8160


80 DWR8208
120 DWR8212
220 DWR8222
400 DWR8240
600 DWR8260
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