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SUNVA Diamond Sharpeners are used for knives, stone, glass, steel and others. Convenient sizes easy to carry in tool box, glove box, pocket or wallet.
Sunva-DH0301 diamond hones 3 Sunva-DH0602 diamond hones 6


3"×1" 3pcs/set
Diamond Hones
Order No. DH0301


6” x 2” 3pcs/set
Diamond Hones
Order No.: DH0602
Sunva-DHF0602 four sides diamond hones Sunva-DHW0602 6


4 Sides Diamond Hone 6” x 2”
Order No.: DHF0602


6” x 2” diamond hone with
wooden pedestal
Order No.: DHW0602
Sunva-DHV0401 4 Sunva-DHC002 diamond card sharpener
4” x 1” Diamond Hone

Order No.: DHV0401
Diamond Card Sharpener

Order No.: DHC002
Sunva-DHS001 diamond sharpenerSunva-DHS001 diamond sharpener Sunva-DHR001 diamond rod hones
Diamond Sharpener

Order No. DHS001
6mm x 6mm x 100mm Diamond Rod Hones

Order No.: DHR001
Sunva diamond hones Sunva diamond hones
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