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SUNVA Carbide Drill Bits are designed to drill glass, tile, ceramic, brick, marble and others.

Specification Order No.
Ø3x65mm SY-C0103
Ø4x65mm SY-C0104
Ø5x65mm SY-C0105
Ø6x65mm SY-C0106
Ø8x70mm SY-C0108
Ø10x80mm SY-C0110
Ø12x80mm SY-C0112
Specification Order No.
Ø3x65mm SY-C0203
Ø4x65mm SY-C0204
Ø5x65mm SY-C0205
Ø6x65mm SY-C0206
Ø8x70mm SY-C0208
Ø10x80mm SY-C0210
Ø12x80mm SY-C0212
Specification Order No.
Ø3x65mm SY-C0303
Ø4x65mm SY-C0304
Ø5x65mm SY-C0305
Ø6x65mm SY-C0306
Ø8x70mm SY-C0308
Ø10x80mm SY-C0310
Ø12x80mm SY-C0312
Specification Order No.
Ø3x65mm SY-C0403
Ø4x65mm SY-C0404
Ø5x65mm SY-C0405
Ø6x65mm SY-C0406
Ø8x70mm SY-C0408
Ø10x80mm SY-C0410
Ø12x80mm SY-C0412
Specification Order No.
Ø4x100mm SY-C0504
Ø5x100mm SY-C0505
Ø6x100mm SY-C0506
Specification Order No.
Ø6x100mm SY-C0606
Specification Order No.
Ø7x100mm SY-C0707
Ø8x100mm SY-C0708
Ø10x100mm SY-C0710
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