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Diamond Bent Files
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SUNVA Diamond Bent Files are suitable for glass, tile, ceramic, stone, marble, metal and many others.

• Diamond Grit #150 (Other grit is available)

• Any type can be a set

• Good quality

• Order No. : SH
SH - Diamond Bent Files
Unit:mm Cross-section T Order No.
30 SH-01
30 SH-02
30 SH-03
30 SH-04
30 SH-05
5pcs/set  PVC pouch SH-500
Diamond Bent Files SG
Unit:mm Cross-section T Order No.
30 SG-01
30 SG-02
30 SG-03
30 SG-04
30 SG-05
30 SG-06
30 SG-07
30 SG-08
30 SG-09
30 SG-10
10pcs/set  PVC pouch SG-100
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